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Vegan Tattoo Portland - Tattoos, Permanent Makeup, Tarot Readings, and Constellation Tattoos

Plush Tattoo: Where Art Meets Expression

Discover the magic of Plush Tattoo, with Amber (she/her), and Toni (he/him), in a studio that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of ink and needles. Plush Tattoo offers a unique blend of tattoo artistry, permanent make-up, tarot readings, and even constellation freckles!


100% Vegan Process

Plush Tattoo takes pride in being eco-conscious and animal-friendly. Their 100% vegan process ensures that every piece of art created is not only beautiful but also aligns with ethical values.

LGBTQ Safe Space

Plush Tattoo is not just a studio; it's a safe haven for the LGBTQ community. Embrace the freedom to express your true self in a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

 BIPOC/Filipino Owned

Plush Tattoo is more than a studio; it's a celebration of culture and identity. Proudly BIPOC and Filipino-owned, Plush Tattoo adds a rich tapestry of stories and traditions to the art they create.

Ready to dive into this enchanting conversation? Tune in to Pride Pages Podcast and join us as we chat with the brilliant minds behind Plush Tattoo. This episode promises inspiration, creativity, and a dash of the extraordinary!

 For more details, visit Plush Tattoo's website:

Let's celebrate diversity, self-expression, and the beauty of inked stories together!

If you are LGBTQ+ Owned or Friendly Business in Portland, get listed in our directory!

With love and rainbow vibes,

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