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Portland LGBTQ Amanda Rush - We Don't Just Provide Leads. We Make Sure You Win.

A smiling Amanda Rush (she/they)  looks out, featured on the Pride Pages Podcast announcement graphic. We don't just provide leads. We make sure you win.

Winning strategies with Amanda Rush (she/they)

Rush Acquisition

Amanda speaks on their coming out story, years of studies in college in marketing, and bringing their clients the best results by providing leads!

🔍 Topic: "We don't just provide leads. We make sure you win."

Amanda Rush shares their coming out story and how Uncle Joey was a great family connection during this process.

Amanda also delves into their education in college that led to marketing, and the strategies and ethos behind Rush Acquisition, Nexus. Amanda shares invaluable insights into their approach to ensuring success for their clients.

Rush helps set up your life and business for success with a unique client experience with their Nexus Program. An organic LinkedIn Lead Generation approach that leads to appointment setting.

💼 To find out more about Rush Acquisition go to

your LGBTQ + Directory for Portland.

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