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Wedding Planning & Events


Double A Weddings & Events

Andy Anthony (She/Her)

Double A is my name, Andy Anthony, and it's also the boundless energy I bring to my work.


Wedding Photography


Dani Weiss Photography

As an experienced Portland LGBT Wedding Photographer, I know your wedding day is a memory you will cherish with your partner forever. 

Portland, OR

(206) 760-3336 (text)    


Salon & Spa


Chic Salon and Spa LLC

We have been servicing the South waterfront since 2015 providing all your Hair, Nails and Skin care service. We help get your Chic together. 

3550 South Bond Avenue STE: 116, Portland, OR 97239                

Phone: (503) 688-6589           


Small Yard

Small Yard is 100 percent inclusive and welcomes every type of love. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, age-friendly, fat-friendly, and a safe vendor for people of color and people with disabilities.




Wedding Officiant


Looking for Insurance Representatives to fill this spot. If you know of any Insurance Companies who want to help the LGBTQ+ community and would benefit from being listed on this site, please email me at

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